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A 100% cage-free social rehabilitation and boarding facility for all breeds and temperaments.

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When we say ‘cage-free’ we mean it… even our boarding guests are free to wander our facility at night. Our facility is staffed 24 hours per day. While at Bowsers, dogs who join our pack get to be dogs. Whether they run with the pack or grab a spot on one of our cots, they will benefit from doing what comes naturally to them while our staff facilitates healthy interaction. The highly trained staff at Bowsers believes that creating balance within your dog is critical to their overall happiness and can only be achieved through obedience and socialization. As behavior specialists, we know canine behavior and understand how dogs communicate. We use a balanced training approach and consider each dog’s individual needs when working them.

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201 EC Loomis Industrial Park Dr. Elk Rapids, MI 49629

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