Sometimes the saddest face that you see at an animal shelter is that of the senior dog. This dog has had a family to share his or her life with for ten or more years, a warm bed, lots of treats and possibly a few canine or feline best friends to hang out with. These dogs lose their homes for many reasons that often have nothing to do with the dog’s behavior. Sometimes the family can no longer afford their care, they move, they want a younger dog, there are changes in work schedules, the owner dies… there are all sorts of reasons. The dog paces and paces, wondering where their owner is and when they are coming back. They never forget their past lives. You know this is true when you watch a reunion with a dog and a returning soldier after a year or more and the dog goes crazy happy upon it’s return. Senior dogs always wait for their owners to come back and get depressed in a noisy, shelter environment when that doesn’t happen.

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