Dog Boarding & Pack Training (day camp)


Bowsers staff is on-site 24 hours a day. Our boarding clients will experience our Day Camp program during the day and will remain cage-free at night. Following dinner time, they will be lulled to sleep with soft music and a few minutes of massage time with our night staff. All of the dogs are provided elevated cots to sleep on. Some will choose to curl up with new friends, some will find a cozy spot in a quiet corner. When combined with a day full of fun and learning, it’s surely a recipe for a good night’s sleep.


For dogs who are accustomed to being caged at night, or those who would fare better sleeping away from the other dogs, we have the space and portable cages to accommodate them.

Full Service Grooming


The Salon at Bowsers offers full-service grooming in their state-of-the-art grooming salon. Our focus is on creating a comfortable and
relaxed atmosphere for our four-legged friends while giving our 2-legged friends the service they expect. There are no all-day stays with us and we work on just one dog at a time. Flexible appointment times available, walk-in nail trims (no appt. necessary) and we offer Sunday appointment times! Extremely competitive rates.

Training Services


For those who can’t make a weekly class fit into their busy lifestyle, Bowsers offers an ideal alternative. Private, in-home training allows you to work one-on- one with a trainer in the comfort of your own home. Additional benefits are as follows:

  • Tailor the training to fit your specific needs and the needs of your dog
  • Distraction free training for better focus
  • Flexible days/hours

Each private session is approximately 1-1.5 hours long (depending on the type of training); mileage is included in the cost of the training. Classes can be offered individually or as a package (discount given for all packages).


  • Obedience – ideal for dogs 4 mos to 2 years old. Learn basic commands such as Sit, Stay, Down, Off, Leave It, Come, Heel and much more!
  • Problem Solving – Learn how to break your dog’s bad habits and prevent new ones from developing.
  • Integration training – Ideal for those who have recently rescued/adopted a dog and want to have a positive experience integrating the dog into their existing pack/family.
  • Safe Dogs – Safe Kids – The number one age group of bite victims is under the age of 7 years old. Teach your kids how to be safe around dogs of all sizes, breeds, and temperaments.
  • Therapy Dog Certification Training – Want your dog to be a Therapy Dog? This training will help your dog master the steps required to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen test in preparation for certification testing as a registered Therapy Dog.
  • Reactive Dog training – Is your dog reactive to other dogs? If so, then this training is for you and your dog! Through positive reinforcement and desensitization exercises, we’ll help your dog see their relationship with other dogs as a positive experience. This training will take place at the Bowsers By The Bay facility and is only offered as a package. Call for details.

Social Rehabilitation & Training


Not every dog will do well in the Bowsers temperament evaluation. Many dogs exhibit Fear Aggression when around unfamiliar dogs. We understand that some dogs need socialization training to learn how to exist in a pack environment. Our Transition Training program provides opportunities for fearful/anxious dogs to learn through a multifaceted approach: a stable environment with strong leadership and training, learning from other well-balanced pack members, desensitization exercises and positive reinforcement.

Educational Presentations


  • Can your dog be a Therapy Dog?
  • How Dogs Communicate
  • The Bully Breeds – the Facts vs. the Myths
  • Safe Dog – Safe Child
  • How to Speak So Your Dog Will Listen

Presentations are free however donations are welcome; proceeds will go to Silver Muzzle Cottage Rescue & Hospice.